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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the lights improve security?2017-12-19T07:36:32+00:00

All MFLUX lighting modules are equipped with occupancy sensors. These can be used to track manpower as well as detect unwanted intruders. If any suspicious movement occurs, an alert appears on your smartphone.

Do you supply electricians with lighting systems?2017-12-19T07:36:50+00:00

MFLUX caters to construction companies, general contractors and electricians. We understand that temporary lighting is a budget line item on any project. Our system minimizes cost, improves safety, boosts efficiency and offers more control.

Can I recharge the units myself?2017-10-17T17:36:29+00:00

Each module can be recharged by the user via a standard 110V power source. If you prefer, we can pick up discharged units and replace them with freshly charged lights.

How long does each battery charge last?2017-10-17T17:36:09+00:00

Average duration of charge depends on light brightness and duration of use. For instance, for 16 hours constant-on at 50% luminous flux, each charge lasts about a month. Battery charge can be extended significantly by motion sensors or timers controlled by cellphone app.

What makes MFLUX systems unique?2017-12-19T07:37:29+00:00

Our portable construction site lights are powered by lithium ion batteries providing 1000s of hours of light without wires. The system is managed by smartphone app to improve efficiency and control.