An Innovative Solution To Temporary Jobsite Lighting


Temporary Construction Site Lighting System

Gain the edge in safety and productivity

Top contractors finish the job on time and without incident. To help satisfy these goals, MFLUX Lighting offers a state-of-the-art lighting solution. Advanced battery technology and wireless connectivity make this possible.

Lean Construction Site

No tripping or falling over wire clutter. No need to build around temporary electric cables. Eliminate the need to roll out and roll up wire so jobs finish faster.

Track Project Progress

Built in cameras can take pictures at your convenience. Capture progress photos and have them sent directly to your device without having to go room to room.

Boost Security

Motion sensors alert you by cellphone and illuminate areas when/where you don’t expect anyone to enter. You can even capture their image.

Monitor Manpower

Follow the flow of workers with occupancy sensors. Optimize your work team flow and distribution.

Month Long Charge Cycle

Each unit carries a charge of approximately one month of normal use. Recharge on your own or have our team deliver freshly charged units. By setting timers, charge lifecycle can be extended.

Have your construction site lighting up and running in hours instead of days.
Eliminate wires that may cause work site accidents.