An Innovative Solution To Temporary Jobsite Lighting


Why Choose MFLUX Lighting?

For construction site managers, general contractors and electricians, lighting is a headache at best and a source of accidents at worst. In response to this, MFLUX Lighting provides an out-of-the-box solution for any sized job.

Our extensive construction experience allows us to quickly determine your lighting needs. We deliver the portable lights to your site, fully charged and ready to go. The entire system is managed by an intuitive, easy to use smartphone app.

In less than a day, your location is illuminated, clear of clutter and under full remote control. Plus, you minimize the chance for above-ceiling inspection failure.

Your Eyes On The Job

Total Light System Customization & Control

  • Follow activity log for any worksite sector
  • Snap photos of areas remotely
  • Dial in security to protect lights and detect intrusion
  • Set dimming based on time and/or motion detection
  • Monitor battery life at a distance

Let MFLUX Lighting upgrade your job site lighting performance. Provide a safe, lean work space for your teams.